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Test and Measurement: New NFC standards focus on RF, interoperability

The NFC Forum has released one new and three candidate specifications for near-field communications, which target improved radio frequency support, better interoperability and a new tag operation format that opens up new use cases, according to the organization.

The new NFC standard deals with NFC device interactions with NFC Forum Type 5 tags, also known as ISO/IEC 15693 tags. The three candidate NFC standards include defining analog characteristics of the RF interface of an NFC device and specifying external radio signals without placing requirements on antenna design; defining and expanding the “building blocks” for setting up the RF protocol for various roles inside an NFC device; and defining the digital portion of the RF protocol that NFC devices use.

– Ixia has launched a new enterprise network security solution called ThreatArmor, designed to reduce potential attack sources, identify and block malicious traffic and cut down on the number of false alarms that can produce “security alert fatigue”, according to the company.

Full article by Kelly Hill, RCR Wireless News

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