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PAM4 challenges at DesignCon 2016


PAM4 modulation drew crowds from end-to-end at DesignCon 2016.

NIST Unveils “All-in-One” Robotic Millimeter-Wave Antenna Test Facility


Millimeter-wave communication is coming.

Why Every GPS Overestimates Distance Traveled


Runners, mariners, airmen, and wilderness trekkers beware: Your global positioning system (GPS) is flattering you, telling you that you have run, sailed, flown, or walked significantly farther than you actually have.

RF Measurements You Didn’t Know Your Oscilloscope Could Make


Did you know your oscilloscope can be used to make all of your RF Measurements?

Modern Design Tools Measure The Invisible And Make Circuits Safer


.Proper system design and calibration will ensure accurate voltage measurement, and that is important for safety.

Yokogawa’s High-speed Differential Probe for High-Voltage Oscilloscope Measurements


The Yokogawa Model 701927 is a new high-speed differential probe for high-voltage floating signal measurements, using the company’s DLM2000 series of mixed-signal oscilloscopes and other instruments equipped with the Yokogawa probe interface.

Agilent introduces lower-priced, yet Powerful 1000B series Oscilloscopes


The four new two-channel models, with bandwidths from 50 MHz to 150 MHz, offer powerful capabilities at an attractive price for engineers, technicians and educators.

Free Gov-Only Field Trial Handheld RF Analyzer: Agilent N9923A FieldFox

Agilent N9923A

The FieldFox RF Vector Network Analyzer is the world’s most accurate handheld vector network analyzer.