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RF Measurements You Didn’t Know Your Oscilloscope Could Make

Did you know your oscilloscope can be used to make all of your RF Measurements?

Pulsed signals are widespread in radar and other EW applications, and they must be accurately measured for manufacturing, design of countermeasures, and threat assessment. However pulse measurements are an especially challenging area for signal analysis due to a combination of factors.

  • Wide pulse bandwidth
  • Complex signal environments containing pulses from a number of different sources, often with dramatically different characteristics such as bandwidth, repetition rate and modulation type
  • Pulse environments with wide dynamic range in the pulses to be analyzed or created
  • Pulses with complex modulation that must be demodulated and decoded or measured
  • Pulses that are difficult to detect due to very low duty cycle, intermixing with other signals, and low apparent power level at the analysis point

Keysight Technologies line of oscilloscopes address these challenges head on making them an easy choice for RF measurements.

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Roger Chu is the Marketing Coordinator at GSAmart, the leading GSA sales and marketing partner for technology companies.

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