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Keysight products being discontinued – Act now and get a discount

It’s hard to say goodbye. Especially to trusted workhorses like the 34401A Digital Multimeter, which has a celebrated history spanning three decades. But a new era awaits. Keysight has taken some of your favorite products and made them even better and replaced them with modern, upgraded instruments that can provide you not only better value, but greater insight into your measurements.

The following products and all associated options will be discontinued on December 1, 2016.

To be discontinued Replacement product
34401A Digital Multimeter (DMM), 6.5-digit -> 34461A Truevolt DMM
34410A DMM, 6.5-digit -> 34465A Truevolt DMM
34411A DMM, 6.5-digit -> 34465A Truevolt DMM
L4411A DMM, 6.5-digit (1U) -> 34465A Truevolt DMM (2U)
33220A Function/Arb Waveform Generator 20 MHz -> 33511B Trueform Generator
33250A Function/Arb WG, 80 MHz -> 33611A Trueform Generator
53131A Universal Counter, 10 digits/s -> 53220A Universal Counter, 12 digits/s
53132A Universal Counter, 12 digits/s -> 53230A Universal Counter
53181A RF Counter, 10 digits/s -> 53210A RF Counter

The new instruments give you better value and you’re guaranteed the same high quality and confidence. However, we know some customers have labs, set-ups, procedures and commitments that require the older products.

Learn more and Get a Quote today before prices increase 5%.

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Roger Chu is the Marketing Coordinator at GSAmart, the leading GSA sales and marketing partner for technology companies.

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