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Test & Measurement

10 More tricks to extend oscilloscope usefulness


An earlier article introduced ten ideas for extending the basic functions of mid-range digital storage oscilloscopes (DSO’s).

Keysight combination handheld analyzer with free option


Keysight Technologies promotion: Purchase a Keysight FieldFox before December 31st, 2014 and select one eligible option at no cost!

Know the Differences between EM-Simulation Numerical Methods


As the complexity of RF/microwave components rises, knowledge of electromagnetic-simulation numerical methods is critical to performing the most efficient and accurate design simulations.

Slot Antenna Tames Three Wireless Bands


This novel antenna design incorporates a pair of U-shaped slots to handle three frequency bands at 2.45, 2.64, and 3.44 GHz for different wireless applications.

Accurately Recreating EW Signal Environments


Simulating electronic-warfare environments requires duplicating these systems and their components across their actual operating frequency ranges.

ADCs Feel the Need for Speed


As communication technology attempts to put more information in the existing bandwidth, there’s been a dramatic rise in special applications of broadband infrastructures utilizing ultra-high-speed data converters. This article covers several applications as well as what the future may hold for consumers.

What’s in Your Coaxial Cable?


Coaxial cables are a standby of the RF/microwave industries, as they connect vital components ranging from smartphones and laptops for everyday life to radar and GPS for military and aerospace.

New Product: 6-in-1 Oscilloscope up to 6 GHz


The 6000 X-Series oscilloscope from Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent Technologies’ Electronic Measurement Business) has 6-in1 integration, combining digital channels, serial protocol analysis, a built-in dual-channel waveform generator, built-in digital multimeter, and built-in 10-digit counter with totalizer.

Turn Down the Noise with LNAs


Low-noise amplifiers help to increase signal power while limiting the noise figure and nonlinearities introduced into receiver electronics.

Agilent T&M becomes Keysight; the Old HP Labs Keep the Agilent Name


Last Friday, August 1, the part of Agilent Technologies that makes test and measurement gear changed its name to Keysight (one-word, no intercap) Technologies, and separated itself financially from the part that was HP Labs. That part will continue to be called Agilent Labs, and will continue to do research in life sciences, microelectromechanical machines, and nanotechnology, and will get to keep the “Agilent” Moniker.